Kick-off meeting. 2-3 March 2022. Braila (Romania)

The Kick-off meeting of the project has taken place in Braila (Romania).

All the details of it have been analyzed, such as:

  • Management: administrative documentation, agreements, operating manuals.
  • Dissemination: logo, website, communication elements, social networks.
  • The assignment of responsibilities in the execution of the project results and the corresponding deadlines.
  • Organization of future meetings: dates and places.

Second meeting. 5-6 October 2022. Floriana (Malta)

Meeting objectives

  • Evaluate the activities carried out so far corresponding to the Project Results (Result 1 and start of Result 2).
  • Correct possible deviations produced.
  • Prepare the progress report of all project activities and the results achieved.
  • Plan the rest of the activities that must be carried out.

Third meeting. 17-18 October 2023. Zaragoza (Spain)

Meeting objectives

  • To present the collaboration platform.
  • Report on the results of the project by the partners.
  • To inform about the dissemination of the project.
  • To evaluate the results of the project.
  • Prepare the final report.
  • Approve the Sustainability Plan and exploitation of the results.

Learning activity. 14-20 May 2023. Foligno (Italy)

The learning activity involved 24 adult trainers and consisted of five days of nonformal education in which participants, based on their previous experience, developed various topics as set out in the Project Results developed in the previous months (PR1 and PR2). Thus, youth entrepreneurship was discussed with special reference to green entrepreneurship; circular economy, its present and future and its relationship with green entrepreneurship; support tools for young people who wish to start their professional career as entrepreneurs.
As objectives and results of the activity, the participants obtained a greater and better knowledge of the procedure and tools to train and help those young people who want or need to start their green entrepreneurship.

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