The European Commission has adopted the Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020 to promote entrepreneurship. Young generations should consider starting a business as another alternative in their job search. There is no doubt that the development of the green economy and the “fight against climate change” should be the “axis of the economic strategy” that the European Union establishes as a motion to exit the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the proposal launched by the new European Alliance for a Green Recovery.
Green entrepreneurship and the circular economy provide an effective and alternative solution to tackle youth unemployment while helping to implement Europe’s climate goals.


  • The promotion and insertion of unemployed young people with low qualifications into the labour market through green entrepreneurship and the circular economy (waste management).
  • The increase of entrepreneurship opportunities in the green economy through an innovative training methodology (within the EntreComp framework) to improve the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial skills of unemployed young people with low qualifications who want to develop their own ideas and businesses in the sector of the green economy.
  • The implementation of a training course on green entrepreneurship in organizations related to the training of young people.
  • To meet this objective, the contents will be about entrepreneurship related to the environment and the development of companies related to the circular economy.
  • The improvement of the professional competence of educators and youth workers, through an innovative methodology within the framework of EntreComp, which takes into account the specific competencies and skills that young people must develop in green entrepreneurship. This improvement will allow these educators to be better prepared to transmit knowledge about entrepreneurship and the elaboration of business plans related to green entrepreneurship and the circular economy.
    The beneficiaries of the project will be unemployed young people with low qualifications.

Project file.

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